privacy policy

On our website, we utilize what are known as cookies. Within the scope of the aforementioned rule, our interest in optimizing our website can be considered justified. When you visit our website, your browser creates tiny files that are permanently saved on your device (computer, iPod, phone, etc.). Websites do not harm your device and do not include any infections, Trojan horses, or other malware. The cookie saves information that is associated with the individual device being used. This does not, however, imply that we will learn your identify right away. Cookies are used to make your experience with our services more pleasurable.

When you visit our website, we use so-called session cookies to track the sites you’ve already viewed. When you leave our site, these are immediately erased. Most browsers allow cookies by default. You may, however, modify your browser to prevent cookies from being kept on your computer or to display a notice each time a new cookie is created. However, completely deactivating cookies may restrict the functioning of our website, and you may not be able to enjoy all of its features. The length of time cookies are kept varies according to their purpose and is not the same for everyone.

Data that has been identified as personal and data that has been anonymized

The following data protection information explains the types of personal data that are processed and the extent to which they are processed. Personal data is any information about you that may be directly or indirectly linked to you.

What are the different types of personal information?

Any information about a recognized or identifiable natural person (hence “data subject”) is considered personal data. Information such as your name, address, IP address, and email address is included. Information that isn’t immediately linked to your true identify (such your favorite websites or the amount of people that visit a site) isn’t included.

What is anonymized data, and how does it differ from other types of data?

General information is automatically saved each time you view the content of our website (e.g. number and duration of users of individual sites, etc.). This data is not personal since it does not relate to a recognized or identifiable individual, i.e. there is no way to link it to a specific person. As a result, the data is anonymized during processing. This type of information is collected solely for statistical purposes, and we utilize it to improve our Internet services.

Period of Data Storage

When the purpose of storage no longer applies or you withdraw your consent, your personal data will be destroyed or blocked. Furthermore, storage may occur if the European or national legislature has authorized it under EU rules, legislation, or other requirements to which the person responsible is subject. If the storage purpose no longer applies, you withdraw your consent, or a storage period prescribed by the European regulator or another responsible legislator expires, the personal data will be routinely blocked or deleted in accordance with statutory provisions, unless further storage is required for the conclusion or fulfillment of a contract.